Electro Mechanical Engineering

We provide the services for all Commercial, Residential, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Shopping Malls and Multi Stories Buildings Projects which covers the following activities:

• Preparation of Electro Mechanical Design & Shop Drawings.

• Chillier Piping.

• Chillers Installation.

• PACU Installation.

• Fabrication & Installation of HVAC Ducts.

• Plumbing works.

• Fire Fighting works.

• Electrical Installations.

• Testing & Commissioning.

Taking a step further into the technology domain we have grounded our feet into the area comprising a wide array of Electrical solutions. After realizing the growing need of turnkey solutions in the growing country the management of Fusion Systems converged on a point of creating a specialized Electrical turnkey contracting company, ADORE INFRACON PRIVATE LIMITED.

In here our goal is

1. To function as a single source of Advanced Technologies and Systems to provide more reliable solutions in the field Operation & Maintenance of Electro - Mechanical and Industrial Cleaning Solutions.

2. To provide system and service according to client oriented way, which expedite to solve all Electro – Mechanical & manpower related problems.

3. To provide complete power crisis solution with effective power management, reduction in cost with enhancement of safety.

4. Incorporation of valuable suggestion to stabilize existing plant by reviewing existing Operation & Maintenance.

5. To become one of the major team, in the field of modem Project.

6. We are Expert in properties Management like all types factory activities, Utilities system production technology securities services, House keeping and others.

Our client’s requirement

We full fill all requirements from various departments as like

* Shop Floor Activities

* Production Activities

* Utility System (Maintenance)

* House Keeping

* Security

We provide to you a complete efficient man with attractive uniforms and discipline.
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